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Show #242
Topic: Backups
System Image Acronis/Clonezilla/DriveImage XML Syncronization Programs SyncBack/SyncToy/Super Flexible File Synchronizer/ Allwaysync/Viceversa/RoboCopyRoboCopy GUI Backup Software Storagecraft/Backup Exec/SuperDuper (Mac) Online Backups Carbonite/Jungle Disk/mozy/Sky Drive Online Photo Backups flickr/Picasa Web Albums/SmugMug Other Solutions Windows Home Server/clickfree Automatic Backup/ spritebackup/xmarks/WordPress Database Backup

Show #234
Topic: Symantec issue, Security, Web Hosting, Windows 7 Beta
Symantec PIFTS.EXE issue/Brinkster/Libsyn/GoDaddy/1and1/ MTS Round Table - Hosting 101/Windows 7 Beta/MTS Round Table - Managing your data

Show #226
Topic: Windows 7 Beta
Windows 7 Beta/VMware/Microsoft Virtual PC 2007/AVG Free AV for Windows 7 Beta/Windows PowerShell

Show #207
Topic: Classic Computing
Bulletin Board System/IBM PC 8088/Anderson-Jacobson Modem/Nintendo Entertainment System FidoNet/ROMS and Emulators/Lotus 1-2-3/Microsoft BASICA/Sonic the Hedgehog/Old Computers VisiCalc/Dan Bricklin/TI-99/4A Simulator for Windows/MAME32/CompuServe/Prodigy/AOL

Show #179
Topic: Organizing your digital Information
NoteKeeper/ Bookmark Manager/MediaWiki/Floola/Picasa/WinMerge/Jungle Disk/Itune Media Player/Audible/VMware Server/EverNote/BookMarkBridge/Copernic Desktop Search/Launchy/ Thunderbird Theme/Lightning/Sunbird/plaxo/Google Calendar/FeedDemon/Google Reader/Bloglines/Google Desktop/X1/Netvibes/Pageflakes/phpbb/BitNami/Rainbow Folders/EssentialPIM

Show #173
Topic: Home Network Security
ZoneAlarm/NOD32/Kaspersky Anti-Virus/Avast/Trend Micro/AVG Anti-Virus Free/AVG Anti-Spyware Free/AVG Anti-Rootkit Free/F-Secure Blacklight/Panda Anti-Rootkit/Rootkit Revealer/Aries Rootkit Remover/Hijack This/Spybot/Ad-Aware/Hitman Pro/CCleaner/Firefox/Firefox - NoScript/Firefox - IE Tab/SpamBayes/Postini/ESVA/SPAMfighter/Thunderbird/OpenDNS/Little Snitch 2 (Mac OS X)/PeerGuardian/TrueCrypt/PGP/Utimaco/GuardianEdge/Keepass/KeePassX/IronKey/RoboForm/GRC Perfect Passwords/LogMeIn/Hamachi/Check Point

Show #169
Topic: Client Stories - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
MS Active Directory/Spinrite/Dell Support/The West Virginia Surf Report/Front Page Cleaner/Open Office/Log Me In/CamStudio/Zone Alarm/CNC Defined

Show #166
Topic: How to monetize your full or part time tech business
Skype/Call Burner/Nerds On Site/VMware/Google Apps/Web Hosting 101 Round Table/TPN Round Table - VMware Fusion

Show #162
Topic: Upgrading software, firmware, hardware
WSUS/Altiris/Mozy/Amazon S3/Carbonite/Keepass/KeePassX/IronKey/Acronis/Firmware/DriverAgent/The Technology Life Cycle/Cobian Backup/DriveImage XML/My Show on using DriveImageXML and BartPE

Show #156
Topic: Favorite items in your computer tool bag
Avery color coded dots/Cable Ties/5 LED Cap Light/LED Cap/iSight lamp/Hemostat/Headlamp/USB Tool Box/The Tornado/USB Flexlight/Alltel EVDO/iPass
Software Links:
Hijack This
Process Explorer
Clamwin Clamwin
AVG Anti-Virus FREE
AVG Anti-Spyware FREE
AVG Anti-RootKit FREE
Spybot Search and Destroy

Show #152
Topic: Web Hosting 101
ColoStore/GoDaddy/Brinkster/CentOS/Blogger/ Server/MX Record/ICANN-Accredited Registrars/phpMyAdmin/The Planet/Google Apps/UpPanel/SiteUpTime/pingdom/Active Server Watcxher/Bello Network Monitoring WinGUI/PCheck Server Monitor/Karens Net Monitor/URL Monitoring Tool/Web Check 24x7
WebHosting Resources via Forums:

Show #148
Topic: How Podcasting, RSS, and Blogging have made print computer magazines obsolete
Digg/SlashDot/Drudge Report/MetaFilter/NetVibes/PageFlakes/iGoogle/Google Reader offline

Show #146
Topic: File sharing on a home network/Podcast advertising/Favorite podcasts
Mike Tech Show Forums/Diagnose And Repair SOHO networks/Network Magic/Digkiller: The Game/Pogo/Tanjents

Show #144
Topic: Tips on setting up your consulting business, System Defrag, Windows Vista, Ipod issues
Mike Tech Show Forums/IRS/IRS # for EIN - 800-829-4933/Technibble/Carbonite/JkDefrag/GUI for JkDefrag/Microsoft PageDefrag/12 Tweaks for Vista/145 operating systems on one PC/Getting Along With Your Computer/Stealth Windows Update/Kevin Rose cracks his iPhone/Unlock your iPhone/iPod blocked from synching with Linux/Apple Had to Backtrack on Ringtones