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The Mike Tech Show podcast can be watched while it is recorded LIVE
Thursday nights at 7pm EST via
Pre-Show 6:30-7:00pm EST
Post-Show 7:45ish - 9pm EST

Show #183
This show was not recorded live on uStream because of a power outage at the Studio. There was some chat taking place in the uStream room and Mike eventually joined us for some chatting.
/MaximumPC Magazine /ThreatFire /doubleTwist /Auslogics Disk Defrag /AutoGK /Mike Tech Show Software Links /KeePass Password Safe /IdleBackup /Avidemux /Cinelerra CV

Show #182
A Data 4GB Memory/Disk Inventory X/WinDirStat/AudioShell/FavIcon from Pics/Process Explorer/Acronis Partition Expert/Zoho/Google Docs/GigaNews/NewsBin for GigaNews/Blogger - Change text direction/Jott and Evernote/ComputerHope/ComputerHope - System Information/Windows Offline Update/91 Utilities to Supercharge Windows/Firefox Preloader/Toucan/Leystroke logging/Sennheiser Headphones and Headsets/ (Show #50) / DriveImage XML/Juniper Networks SSL VPN
The birth of this very WiKi was discussed in the live chat room.

Show #181
Microsoft Office Proofing Tools 2007 (SP1)/SIW/BartPE/Windows Offline Updates/Cut Gmail Login time/Yankee Clipper/Evernote 3.0 Beta/How to set up a home FTP server/Get Back to Your Mac Without Paying for It

Show #180
WinMerge/InfoMagic Extra/TiddlyWiki/Google Calendar Sync

Show #179 Listener Roundtable Topic - Organizing Your Digital Information
NoteKeeper/Bookmark Manager/MediaWiki/Floola/Picasa/WinMerge/Jungle Disk/iTunes/ Server/EverNote/BookMarkBridge/Copernic Desktop Search/Launchy/ Thunderbird Theme/Lightning/Sunbird/plaxo/Google Calendar/FeedDemon/Google Reader/Bloglines/Google Desktop/X1/Netvibes/Pageflakes/phpbb/BitNami/Rainbow Folders/EssentialPIM

Show #178
Fighting Spam in Vbulletin/MTS Freeware on and unsolicited e-mail in Exchange 5.5/Tech Videos in Plain English/GeekBrief/Check and Remove Plugins in Firefox/Windows Update Error services not running/13 iTunes Addons/Drupal/XAMPP/Apache, MySQL, PHP on Windows

Show #177
(Show #1)/Google Notebook/WhereIsIt/Copernic/WebServ USB/WebSiteOptimization/webmin/Allway Sync/CCleaner

Show #176
HoundDog/SolarWinds/Nagios/SpiceWorks/AutoPatcher/Acronis/CloneZilla/DriveImage XML/SyncBack/Notpad2/Notepad++/Notepad++Portable/PSPad/KeyNote/EverNote/SIW/Windows SteadyState XP/Windows SteadyState Vista/eRightSoft SUPER/nLite/vLite/foobar2000/USB 12V Adapter

Show #175
Aruba Networks/riverbed/HP Integrity servers/IA-64/HP-UX/Bea WebLogic/f5 Big-IP/podcastready/Web Hosting 101/Wizmo/Reference Guide To PC Maintenance/Linux-Unix cheat sheets/offtek/3DConnexion/SoundByte

Show #174
VLC Media Player/fddshow tryouts/Gadwin PrintScreen/HijackReader/ Apps/MS Windows Small Business Server 2003/Web Hosting 101 Round Table/webshots/Totally Cool Tech/WirelessKeyView/SATA to USB/hubdog

Show #173
ZoneAlarm/NOD32/Kaspersky Anti-Virus/Avast/Trend Micro/AVG Anti-Virus Free/AVG Anti-Spyware Free/AVG Anti-Rootkit Free/F-Secure Blacklight/Panda Anti-Rootkit/Rootkit Revealer/Aries Rootkit Remover/Hijack This/Spybot/Ad-Aware/Hitman Pro/CCleaner/Firefox/Firefox - NoScript/Firefox - IE Tab/SpamBayes/Postini/ESVA/SPAMfighter/Thunderbird/OpenDNS/Little Snitch 2 (Mac OS X)/PeerGuardian/TrueCrypt/PGP/Utimaco/GuardianEdge/Keepass/KeePassX/IronKey/RoboForm/GRC Perfect Passwords/LogMeIn/Hamachi/Check Point

Show #172
Carey Holzman (Guest) / Computer America/Yahoo Group: - Computer Business/ Book: Start Your Own Computer Business/27 Point Tune-up Checklist/Windows Back-up Re-install Checklist

Show #171
LogMeIn/Hamachi/ Now/GoToAssist/WinRAR/Friends in Tech/Recovery Toolbox for CD/Microsoft LifeCam Products/Yahoo Chat/Trillian/USB 2.0 to SATA + IDE Adapter/3-in-1 IDE/SATA I/II to USB/Top 60 Little-Know Tech Web Sites/Turn One Computer into Two (Removed link while I investigate.)/Long Range Wireless Keyboard/Mouse / Freeware and Open Source Software/Super Screenshot/26 Things to Do When Business is Slow/Glary Utilities/Make Vista faster/Ways to improve Battery Life in Vista/vLite/Microsoft Events/IPCheck Server Monitor/Spybot Search & Destroy/Numion Speedtest/Launchy

Show #170
FAT32 File Size Limit/mIRC/ChatZilla/X-Chat 2/FreeIRC/TurboIRC/Colloquy (for Mac)/ Your Ustream Video Feed/Linksys ports not responding/Linksys ports gone AWOL/Memtest86/Ultimate Boot CD for Windows/CCLeaner/AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition/AVG Anti-Rootkit Free/Jungle Disk

Show #169 Listener Round Table Topic: Client Stories - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
MS Active Directory/Spinrite/Dell Support/The West Virginia Surf Report/Front Page Cleaner/Open Office/Log Me In/CamStudioZone Alarm/CNC Defined

Show #168
Electronic discovery/Records management/NOLO - Legal Search/National Library of Medicine/WebMD/Webopedia/FeedDemon/NewsGator Go/NetNewsWire/Hosts file/ To: Secure Firefox and IM with PuTTY/Freelance Switch

Show #167
Top 10 Ways To Be a "Good Tech"/ Dynamic DNS Info/Tiny-eDNS/Secure Shell - SSH/Cygwin/Abyss Web Server/OpenDNS/craigslist/7-Zip/Uplink Skype to SIP Adapter/Axon Virtual PBX Software/Skype for Interviews - A How-To Video/CallBurner/Egress - RSS Reader for PocketPC/Ten times faster mobile broadband data rates/Phone Scoop/Firefox Add-on - FEBE/Firefox Add-on - CLEO/MTS Videocast 001/IDE/SATA to USB/The Levelator/MainMenu for OS X/Network Drive Manager

Show #166 Listener Round Table Topic - How To Monetize Your Full Or Part Time Tech Business
Skype/Call Burner/Nerds On Site/VMware/Google Apps / Web Hosting 101 Round Table / TPN Round Table - VMware Fusion

Show #165
Firefox Broadband Tweak/Mike Tech Show Firefox Tweaks/Firefox Hacks Book/Port Forward/The CaffiNation Podcast/Skype on a stick/Skype Hacks Book/Any Video Converter/

Show #164
Apple iMac/Tripod/Portable Halogen Worklight/MacTuneUp/Canon MP600 Language Solution/Parallels next version to support Firewire/PeerGuardian2/FlyakiteOSX

Show #163
Controllable Christmas Lights/Brookstone/ and Concat/MacPAR OS X/DIY Service Pack/Buffalo Routers/TrueCrypt/PeerGuardian2/Volumouse/Upgrading Vista to Windows XP/Turducken/CajunGrocer

Show #162 Listener Round Table Topic - Upgrading software, firmware, hardware
WSUS/Altiris/Mozy/Amazon S3/Carbonite/Keepass/KeePassX/IronKey/Acronis/Firmware/DriverAgent/The Technology Life Cycle/Cobian Backup/DriveImage XML / (My Show on using DriveImageXML and BartPE)

Show #161
Tech-LinkBlog/Snitter/Dynagen - Network Configuration Generator/Dynamips Cisco Router Emulator/Tips and Video Tutorials - Linux - Cisco - VOIP/Dynamips/Kiwi CatTools/Geek Cred Podcast/Windows Server 2008 RC1/Windows Server 2008 Core Screencasts/Microsoft Action Pack/Microsoft TechNet/CCleaner/FREE Download Manager

Show #160
A Geek Christmas Carol/BricoPack Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2/Fresnel Magnifier/POI Factory/newsgrab/Uunison/Diagnose And Repair SOHO networks/Network Magic/WireShark/DownThemAll/Run Mac OS X on a PC/double-boiling your hard drive/SpinRite/ First 100 Registered Domains

Show #159
Modified Google Search/Windows Offline Update/CDBurnerXP/Slow Opening Files in Excel 2007/Edit File Types in Windows Vista/creativelement power tools/Microsoft Outlook 2007 Running Slow?/PStart/MenuMeters/CCleaner/mimio - interactive whiteboard

Show #158
Firefox Problematic extensions/Tab Mix Plus/System Restore Point - Run from desktop/ WordPress Podcast/WordPress Installation Podcast/Technology Tips Plus/Microsoft OneCare 2.0/R-Drive Image/ophcrack/DriverPacks/HP Systems Insight Manager/UpdateExpert/Shavlik NetChk Protect/Mackie Onyx 1220

Show #157
Aruba Networks/Spanning tree protocol/Enterasys N-Series Switch/DLL/Dynamic linking/Windows Update Error Fix/FireTune (Tweak Firefox)/Firefox Support Search/BartPE/Compare Editions of Windows Server 2003/FEED Validator

Show #156 Listener Round Table Topic - Favorite items in your computer tool bag
Avery color coded dots/Cable Ties/5 LED Cap Light/LED Cap/iSight lamp/Hemostat/Headlamp/USB Tool Box/The Tornado/USB Flexlight/Alltel EVDO/iPass/Hijack This/Process Explorer/ClamWin Portable/AVG Anti-Virus Free/AVG Anti-Spyware Free/AVG Anti-Rootkit Free/Spybot/Ad-Aware/CCleaner/PC Decrapifier/Acronis/SIW/Win Get/AppSnap

Show #155
TPN Round Table - 11/03/07 / Cisco WAAS/Cisco Performance Routing/Cisco Branch/ThumbStrips/WordPress Documentation/WordPress Themes/Computer Technician Stories

Show #154
NetSwitcher/Amazon Ubuntu Books/How To Configure SB Card in Ubuntu/Top 10 Linux Ubuntu Sites/USB Linux Mint Install from Windows/USB Ubuntu 7.10 Install/PDF-Xchange Viewer/USB Based PC Repair System/Windows Sysinternals/Sapphire Radeon X1900XT/Hauppauge TV Cards/SnapStream/Acronis True Image / (MTS Show #50 - Imaging Your Hard Drive) / SyncBack

Show #153
Mac OS X Leopard - A guided tour/300+ New Features/Network Magic problem with Leopard/VMware Fusion for the Mac

Show #152 Listener Round Table Topic - Web Hosting 101
ColoStore/GoDaddy/Brinkster/CentOS/Blogger/ Server/ICANN-Accredited Registrars/phpMyAdmin/The Planet/Google Apps

Show #151
Totally Cool Tech/Tech-LinkBlog/When Unlimited is Limited/Comcast interfering with BitTorrent/Comcast Admits Delaying Some Traffic/The Computer Repair Utility Kit / (Mike Tech Show Archives/MTS Show #80 - Favorite Tools for Toolbag) / Windows PowerShell Cookbook/13 reasons why Linux won't make it to a desktop/13 reasons why Linux thrived/JavaScript Source/Wufoo/Free Java and Free Flash/Mac on PC

Show #150
Fantaom G-Force MegaDisk MDC1000 1TB/FantasticFreeware/CDBurner XP/InfraRecorder/If youve got the ink, Ive got the link/mRemote/vBulletin/Hd Tach/4GB+ USB Roundup/Support Alert Newsletter/nvidia-xconfig/Linux Live CD List

Show #149
MojoPac FREE/Amadeus - Wilma Theater/HTTrack/AM-Deadlink/AppSnap/Wubi/UltraMon/Dual Monitors with Ubuntu/More Dual Monitors with Ubuntu/Linux Journal/Jerry Pournelle - Chaos Manor Musings/Cooler Guys/Xoxide - Hard Drive Coolers/SVC - Hard Disk Cooler/Link to Pre/Post LIVE Show Chatroom Links

Show #148 Listener Round Table Topic - How Podcasting, RSS, and Blogging have made print computer magazines obsolete.
digg/SlashDot/Drudge Report/MetaFilter/NetVibes/PageFlakes/iGoogle/Google Reader offline

Show #147
Mike Tech Show Forums/Blind Access Journal - Yahoo and CAPTCHA/HP EVA 8100/HP c-Class BladeSystem/HP Integrity Servers/HP MSL4048 Tape Library/HP OpenVMS/OpenVMS/CommandXpress/Internote/Partition Find and Mount/ NTFS Undelete/Trexy/SIW/USBMan/Protect password hash/10 Ways to lock down your computer/vBulletin/Simple Machines Forum